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Architectural Criticism Open: Architect Chiu-Hwa Wang and CYCU Library as a Beginning (Documentary Part II)

Author : Dioxi Research & WAT

Date : 2018-04-22

(English subtitle provided)  

On September 2nd, 2017, in CYCU Library, for the first time in history, we see the coming of the first architecture criticism open in Taiwan: "Architectural Criticism Open: Architect Chiu-Hwa Wang and CYCU Library as a Beginning."

The target project for study is "Architect Chiu-Hwa Wang and CYCU Library (中原大學圖書館)". 8 teams compete for champion. Their approaches are diverse: including architecture vocabulary, spatial awareness, publicity, flexibility, energy-saving, and sustainability. For some of them, it’s their first encounter of architecture criticism. However, they showed enthusiasm in spelling out their thoughts. The competitors are also, all eager to find the answers though with different approaches. We may optimistically say that their quests shed a light to the future of architecture. The answer is hidden in their attempts of criticism.

As a result, rather than an "open competition," this event is more like an "open course" which allows open experiment: What is it for architecture criticism? Who can criticize architecture? What is the approach? 8 outstanding teams, judges and all the staffs strive to find answers to these questions. Hopefully, this documentary can open your mind and review the bias and questions concerning architecture.

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