Women in Architecture Taiwan

Li-Yu Hsu | Memorability, Lasting Skills, and Transformability in Architecture

Author : Li-Yu Hsu (許麗玉)

Date : 2018-06-01

Published in Taiwan Architect Magazine, no.522, 2018 June issue, page 109-116.  
Special Column: "Architectural Relativity"  
Link: https://goo.gl/7BcoVk 

"Contrast to architecture, history is not solid memory of craftsmanship. Dealing with the revitalization of historical buildings, architects are not just repairing things but also transforming spatial memories. Making mistakes might result in collective amnesia."


Through reviewing her feedback on Deborah Berke Partners’s transforming work on "122CC" and "Women's Building" in New York, USA, along with the works of architect Hsiu-Lian Wang (王秀蓮) in Tainan City, Taiwan, Hsu examines historical architectures as a matter of public participation, memory transformation and symbol of "non-compliant" bodies.