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Mission and Vision

In 2018, "WAT"—association for Women in Architecture, Taiwan—is organized and legally formed under the permission of the Ministry of Interior. For women in architecture in Taiwan, this step is not easy. As a matter of fact, it took 18 years of brewing and over 70 years of sowing before it blooms into reality. Take a good look of the history of architecture in Taiwan which man seems to dominate, you’ll find that SHE is always there and persists on her work. But not until this moment did she show up, as if Athena of Architecture comes to life.

With our determination of facing the "His"tory, society, culture and career of women in Taiwan, WAT has three missions:
  • “Her-story”
  • “Her voice”
  • “Her persistence”

With WAT, we hope to surpass the long-term limitation of a professional organization which defined qualification by the presentation of an architect license. We hope to fill in the gap of "Herstory" in the allied field of architecture, and to redefine "women in architecture". Therefore, our membership welcome outstanding female applicants who are: teachers and scholars in academia; female practice architects, designers, and engineers in construction engineering; female professionals in interior design, landscape architecture, and urban design. With WAT, we hope to promote the recording and research of women in the architectural history in Taiwan.

Furthermore, we hope to connect other "Women in Architecture" organizations in different countries. Our goal is to build an exchange platform for experiences, skills and academic culture and by so obtaining a grander vision across different disciplines. Ultimately, we hope to make the universally appealed value of historical equal rights and spatial empowerment happen in Taiwan.

In 2018, on August 22th, WAT officially registered as people's association with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. On December 11th, the International Day of the Girl, WAT formally registered as a legal juridical association. 
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