Women in Architecture Taiwan

活動紀錄07 Mar, 2024

WAT 2024 秋書好讀:張麗寶《設計師到CEO經營必修8堂課》

活動紀錄01 Dec, 2023

WAT 2023 秋書好讀《朗然小徑:王采元工作室20週年作品集》

Events01 Dec, 2023

WAT 2023 秋書好讀:《 朗然小徑:王采元工作室20週年作品集》

活動紀錄08 Nov, 2023

WAT『 2023 Women’s NEXT ROUND in Architecture 』

19 Aug, 2023

《看見理想國》- 看見王秋華建築師和她們的建築視野

活動紀錄21 Jul, 2023

| 2023 活動消息 | 金門合院新書發表會

活動紀錄14 Oct, 2023

WAT 2023 秋書好讀:《張淑征 與 十一個建築故事》

14 Oct, 2023

WAT 2023 秋書好讀:《張淑征 與 十一個建築故事》

活動紀錄09 Sep, 2023

WAT『 2023 Women’s NEXT ROUND in Architecture 』

Events09 Sep, 2023

WAT『 2023 Women’s NEXT ROUND in Architecture 』

Events21 Jul, 2023

| 2023活動消息 | 金門合院新書發表會

活動紀錄28 Oct, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《VR的乘法關係:虛擬實境的過去、現在、與未來》

Events05 Nov, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《VR的乘法關係:虛擬實境的過去、現在、與未來》

活動紀錄15 Oct, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《偏山之城:這裡的山綠雨又清 》

Events15 Oct, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《 偏山之城:這裡的山綠雨又清 》

活動紀錄24 Sep, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《在建築與文化之間,我們設計》

Events24 Sep, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《在建築與文化之間,我們設計》

活動紀錄17 Dec, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《BI生物智慧: 建築創意的源頭》

活動紀錄06 Aug, 2022

2022 WAT 夏季論壇重 - Behind the Scenes l OMA X IO :Inside Outside of Architecture 建築內外的對話

活動紀錄21 Jun, 2022

2022 WAT女建築家的保健室 ­­­—《親愛的女性荷爾蒙》、《月經與建築人》

Events17 Dec, 2022

WAT 2022 秋書好讀:《BI生物智慧: 建築創意的源頭》

Events26 Mar, 2023


Events02 Sep, 2022

2022 WAT秋季沙龍 -《台灣厝 1 House for All》

Events11 Jun, 2022

FYL.FLY 芳怡飛行計畫:林芳怡新書發表與迴響座談

News08 Dec, 2021

NCAF︱National Award for Arts to Chung-Twn Kuo

Book Review28 Jun, 2021

The Book Review: Jeanette Winter︱The world is not a rectangle: A PORTRAIT OF ARCHITECT ZAHA HADID

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Li-Yu Hsu︱Can We Clearly Describe A Society Through A Magazine? — In Memory of Former TAM Editor-in-Chief Lin Fang-Yi(1

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Li-Yu Hsu ᅵ The Architectural Vantage Point of an Urban Recluse: Thoughts about Architect Wang Chiu-Hwa (1925-2021)

Architectural Relativity01 Mar, 2021

Wei-Hsiang Tseng ᅵ Alternative interpretations of Spolia – The innovation and sustainability in tectonic thinking

Architectural Relativity01 Feb, 2021

Chung-Wei Lee ᅵ To Compose with Otherness

Film14 Jun, 2021

ARCHITEXX ᅵ Women Architects are Everywhere

Interview10 Jun, 2021


Architectural Relativity01 Aug, 2020

Tai-Wen Ho︱ A Place Given Birth by Living in It - Genius Loci

Articles01 Sep, 2020

WAT ᅵ 環境、時代與社會的改變關鍵在「人」

Events09 Jul, 2020


Announcement28 Jun, 2020

台灣女建築家學會誠摯呼籲 : 共創性別平等友善環境

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《TAIWAN REVIEW》︱ Form and Function

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WAT Collection │ Women Architects' Daily Objects

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TAIWAN ARCHITECT Letter to Editor︱Li-Yu Hsu︱Taking the Responsibility of Correcting Mistakes

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M+ Matters: Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City

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21th National Award for Arts: Architect Chiu-Hwa Wang

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The Outstanding Architects Award 2019: Architect Jia-Hui Day

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PTS | The Female Pioneer in Taiwan: Architect Tse-Lan Hsiu

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Conference of Female in Asia︱UIFA JAPON Activities

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Articles01 Mar, 2014

The Role of Female Architects in Taiwan Modern Architecture

Athena of Architecture: Commemorating Architect Tes-Nan Hsiu, and Rethinking Women's Spatial Practice20 Apr, 2017

Le-Ching Chiang | Learning Architecture

建築評論公開賽(2017)01 Aug, 2017

Architectural Criticism Open: Architect Chiu-Hwa Wang and CYCU Library as a Beginning (Prologue: an Interview)

Mission and Vision

In 2018, "WAT"—association for Women in Architecture, Taiwan—is organized and legally formed under the permission of the Ministry of Interior. For women in architecture in Taiwan, this step is not easy. As a matter of fact, it took 18 years of brewing and over 70 years of sowing before it blooms into reality. Take a good look of the history of architecture in Taiwan which man seems to dominate, you’ll find that SHE is always there and persists on her work. But not until this moment did she show up, as if Athena of Architecture comes to life.

With our determination of facing the "His"tory, society, culture and career of women in Taiwan, WAT has three missions:
  • “Her-story”
  • “Her voice”
  • “Her persistence”

With WAT, we hope to surpass the long-term limitation of a professional organization which defined qualification by the presentation of an architect license. We hope to fill in the gap of "Herstory" in the allied field of architecture, and to redefine "women in architecture". Therefore, our membership welcome outstanding female applicants who are: teachers and scholars in academia; female practice architects, designers, and engineers in construction engineering; female professionals in interior design, landscape architecture, and urban design. With WAT, we hope to promote the recording and research of women in the architectural history in Taiwan.

Furthermore, we hope to connect other "Women in Architecture" organizations in different countries. Our goal is to build an exchange platform for experiences, skills and academic culture and by so obtaining a grander vision across different disciplines. Ultimately, we hope to make the universally appealed value of historical equal rights and spatial empowerment happen in Taiwan.

In 2018, on August 22th, WAT officially registered as people's association with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. On December 11th, the International Day of the Girl, WAT formally registered as a legal juridical association. 
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