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TEDxTaipei Salon | Our Innate Ability to Connect with Space

Author : Li-Yu Hsu

Date : 2017-08-01

When architect Li-Yu Hsu invited a number of elementary school students to design a section of their school, these students not only displayed incredible creativity with high levels of practicality, but also great spatial logic comparable to professional architects. Li-Yu shares with us how kids do have an acute awareness of their environment. As adults, we all can rediscover that innate ability.  

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Li-Yu Hsu
has always been fascinated by the connection between people and space since her young age. She believes that every individual has an ability to be in touch with his/her immediate surroundings by turning the space into one's own. Li-Yu completed her master degree in architecture design from Yale University and PhD on architectural history in the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning at National Taiwan University. She is involved in numerous projects that encourage people to explore the possibilities and creativity of space in everyday life.