Women in Architecture Taiwan


How to Join

  1. Make sure you finish reading “Constitution Articles of WAT” and are completely agree.
  2. Select the class of membership that fits you, and take a look at the related regulation fee.

  3. Download the application form and fill in (See the attachment below).

  4. Required: After you finish the form, ask WAT’s existing members for recommendation and their signature (see the “Constitution Articles of WAT” for required recommendation for your particular class of membership.) Or, you may ask the willing member to write to WAT’s Board members about her will of recommendation).

  5. Scan the signed form with related required document into a pdf file, and mail to: wataiwan.society@gmail.com

  6. Your application form will be overseen by the Board of Directors. We’ll notify you the result after a Board meeting.

  7. Final step: After you officially informed of qualification, you need to pay the membership fee as notified.

*We suggest that applicants contact any formal member or member of board of directors of WAT. They may provide a sound introduction of WAT. Ask if they would like to recommend you to join WAT before you start filling the form.

*If you do not know any of the existent member or board of directors and supervisors, you may join our activity first and get to know some of them. Or, you may write to us and introduce yourself first. (Mail to: wataiwan.society@gmail.com )