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    藉由  芳怡生前最後一場接受張基義院長電話訪談的原音,我們得以懷念她。
    台北廣播電台   原音重現連結 :

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    Date : 2021/06/10 - 2021/06/13

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  • 《TAIWAN REVIEW》︱ Form and Function

    TAIWAN REVIEW》May 01︱2020
    Form and Function
    — interview by Oscar Chung
    — Photo by Chin Hung-hao
    Wang Chiu-hwa has spent her long career designing architecture that serves the people.Sitting gracefully in the living room of her apartment on a cool February morning, 94-year-old Wang Chiu-hwa (王秋華) introduces visitors to features of the home she designed for herself and her family. Xue Residence, an eight-story building located on a small, quiet street in downtown Taipei City, speaks volumes about the veteran architect. With an unassuming tiled exterior characteristic of the 1970s and 80s along with an interior reminiscent of a library, the residence demonstrates Wang’s philosophy of functional design and understated aesthetics. Beyond all else, she believes a space must cater to the needs of its users while taking environmental factors into account.“I let in as much natural light as possible through a series of sunroofs and windows,” said the architectural doyenne. Along with floor-to-ceiling walls of window panes, Wang built in a ventilation system that cools the whole structure without the need for air conditioning. Even the furniture shows Wang’s signature touch. “I devised wardrobes that allow airflow through strategically placed vents in the handles, an important feature given Taiwan’s high humidity.”

    Date : 2020/05/01 - 2020/05/31

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    2020-02-05 afternoon, the Chair of WAT, Li-Yu Hsu, accepts the interview of reporter, Clément Tricot, from Radio Taiwan International.

    Date : 2020/02/05 - 2020/03/31

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  • 《TAIWAN REVIEW》︱ Me to We

    TAIWAN REVIEW》March︱April  2019
    Me to We
    —interview by Oscar Chung
    —Illustration by Lin Hsin-chieh
    Inspired by the positive contribution well-designed buildings make to communities, Hsu ditched plans to study fine arts and became an architect. With a master’s degree from Yale University and a doctorate from the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning at National Taiwan University in Taipei City, the 46-year-old runs her own firm, ARMU Design, and is chair of nongovernmental organization Women in Architecture Taiwan (WAT).

    Date : 2019/03/01 - 2019/04/30

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