Women in Architecture Taiwan

Li-Yu Hsu︱Colors in Architecture

Author : Li-Yu Hsu (許麗玉)

Date : 2019-08-01

Published in Taiwan Architect Magazine, no.536, 2019 August issue, page 108-114.  
Special Column: "Architectural Relativity"  
Link: https://reurl.cc/pDGjnd

This article tends to reopen the contradiction within modern architects and colors: "how colors exist in architecture?".  In the last century, "Colors", even the white wall for covering the flaw,  were buried under the fear of "Ornament is crime" to modern architects. Let's rethink the Colors in Modern Architecture had been redefined by Le Corbusier that Color has a biological and sentimental function that is indispensable to human nature.The natural uses of color works with proportions, or rather (if you will), as he would work with the geometric relations between surfaces or volumes. It should be the only way for Colors in Modern Architecture. Is it still so? In this article, the author has interviewed several architects in Taiwan to catch their ideas of "colors in architecture".