Women in Architecture Taiwan



Date : 2020/02/05 - 2020/03/31

2020-02-05  afternoon
Clément Tricot, a reporter, with the background of Urban design, fromRadio Taiwan International, interviews the Chair of WAT, Li-Yu Hsu, as followed:
1. Can you please introduce yourself and tell me what you're doing?
2. WAT is rather young, why was it created?
3. What are the events or actions that you organize?
4. Is the relationship between men and women in architecture and design professions egalitarian?
5. Chiu-Hwa Wang (王秋華) received the 21st National Award for Arts, it is the first time a woman has won this award. Do you think this is a sign of a better recognition of women in the profession?
6. In France but also in other countries, many people criticize the fact that cities are too design and thought for men, do you think this is also the case in Taiwan?

The fourth and fifth questions are meaningful,  Hsu responses that questions from the view points of the history of cities, the construction of society, and the space of politics, to the contemporary special revolution, the next issues of built environment, and the wilder horizon of architecture profession. In order to answer the complexity and context of this good question and to express the foot-point and attitude of WAT. 

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