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Thousand Turns of Mountains—On Graduate Design of Students from Hwa Hsia University of Technology

Author : Moon-Lin Jao (趙夢琳)

Date : 2018-06-03

abridged translation:  

Years ago, major interests of graduate design focus on elder's nursing home, cafeteria, and museums. This year, inspired by Architect Yun-Shu Huang (黃筠舒), we have more cases working on revitalizing old houses. For example, one group attempted to transform a former air force headquarter, to a drone racing field. This is way more interesting than making it a cafeteria. Some of the students are really into their topics and their site. In Architect Chung-Wei Hsu (徐忠瑋)'s words: "These kids want to do something they are passionate about and they will not be defeated even for several times."

Another rising interest of students is their care for immigrant workers and the underprivileged. For example, they make Taipei Main Station into a meeting place for Indonesian workers; or transform Tao-yuan Train Station's idle warehouse into a workshop meeting class for south-eastern immigrants. 

Additionally, as the weather gets hotter and hotter, the sustainability issue of our environment becomes urgent. As a result, issues such as revitalizing old houses, using green belt, restoring the present water and adjusting micro-weather, has become something that environmental workers would love to participate in. Everyone takes a small step, will make the society move forward in a big step. The revitalization of old houses in Taiwan has accumulated to a fruitful achievement that lots of scholar from China and Japan would love to visit. 

It is really joyful for me to see how students struggle, learn, and grow. Just as the poet Wei-Wang said in his poetry, "Despite the mountain seems like turn for a thousand times, it's just a hundred miles that we walk." 

Bless all.

Author: Architect Moon-Lin Jao (趙夢琳), Secretary General of Architectural Institute of Taiwan (台灣建築學會), Adjunct Lecturer of Department of Architecture, Hwa Hsia University of Technology (華夏科技大學)

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