Women in Architecture Taiwan

Introduction: "Architectural Relativity" Series in Taiwan Architect Magazine

Author : Li-Yu Hsu (許麗玉)

Date : 2018-06-01

An introduction to the "Architectural Relativity" column 

The term "Architectural Relativity" first appeared as the title of Architect Chia-Ju Lin's article. The article by Lin was included in the Taiwan Architect Magazine, issue no.256 (2018. Jan.), under the special issue "Architectural Criticism." Li-Yu Hsu, Chair of Board of WAT, planned the special issue. By proposing a new perspective, the title "Architectural Relativity" originally intends to encourage people to know the impact of architecture made to people, environment, society and history.

Afterwards, Li-Yu Hsu invited Chien-Suo Pai to co-plan the architectural criticism column in the Taiwan Architect Magazine bimonthly as a subsequent effort of Lin. In the name of "Architectural Relativity", this special column presents perspectives of diverse authors, with the cases designed by female architects from local or abroad. It is hoped that it would initiate and fuel continual discussions on modern architectural design, from aspects including history, community, technology, residence, landscape and school... .etc. These topics, as fundamental as they are, are not so new nor cliche. They have been the challenges in architects' daily tasks. They come as our interdisciplinary challenges across generation, and also our starting point for innovation seeking.