Women in Architecture Taiwan

Chien-Suo Pai | Take Risks and Push Boundaries! On Design Research: Interview with Jenny Sabin, Anna Liu, & Lyu Chih Lee

Author : Chien-Suo Pai (白千勺)

Date : 2018-08-01

Published in Taiwan Architect Magazine, no.524, 2018 August issue, page 108-114.  
Special Column: "Architectural Relativity"  
Link: https://reurl.cc/NaW7vn

This article is published in Taiwan Architect Magazine, issue no.524 (2018 August). It was the second part of this issue's "Architectural Relativity" column. The first part, "Real Virtuality - Paradigm Shift Base on Material Behavior" attempts to discuss the aspects of modern architectural design from the perspective of Computational Thinking and the Materiality of Material. The second part follows the concept of "Real Virtuality" in the first part. Through an interview with three female architects: Jenny Sabin, Anna Liu and Lyu Chih Lee, and by comparing the accumulated experimental works of the Jenny Sabin Studio, Tokin Liu and D. Z, Architects & Associates, this article discusses the design research which based on people, material, and environment; and additionally, the feasibility of making such design method a new pragmatic norm.