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  • Li-Yu Hsu | Criticism as the Supplement of History Writing

    Criticism has to take a certain standing. Constructive criticism has to base on solid ground: methodology of inspecting the truth, and the historical understanding of the overlooked or the excluded. The first priority of criticism is to replenish history with a sounded methodology. However, the cycle and effectiveness of architectural criticism is not as what modern architects thought. 

    Author : Li-Yu Hsu (許麗玉), Co-Founder of WAT

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  • Chia-Ju Lin | Architectural Relativism

    Contemporary architecture has passed the stage of elevating absolute value and authority. Architect and architectural critics of our time attempt to establish and define, for individual or common architectural creation, its unique track amid the flow of history. With the elaboration and record of a diverse array of architecture criticism, through a continual observation, we may thus capture the contour and significance of contemporary individual architecture.

    Author : Chia-Ju Lin (林家如)

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