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Collections : Athena of Architecture: Commemorating Architect Tes-Nan Hsiu, and Rethinking Women's Spatial Practice

  • Introduction: Athena of Architecture--Commemorating Architect Tes-Nan Hsiu, and Rethinking Women's Spatial Practice

    Architect Tes-Nan HSIU had passed away on Feb. 2016. To commemorate her achievements, Architectural Institute of Taiwan edits this special volume of 2017 spring. Through getting closer to her architecture, we expect to trace women's spatial practice for architectural education and profession in the postwar world.

    Author : Li-Yu Hsu (許麗玉) / Guest Editor

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  • Li-Yu Hsu | Athena of Architecture

    The birth of Pallas Athena in Greek mythology was very different from that of Venus, the Goddess of Love, who was born in a shell and fancy bubbles. The goddess breaks out from Zeus’s head, already fully grown and armed in golden armor. She is the beautiful, tough and clever one: she is the goddess of knowledge, arts, crafts, learning, justice and wisdom.

    Author : Li-Yu Hsu (許麗玉)

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  • Tes-Nan HSIU and Chinese Cultural Renaissance

    The characteristic works of architect Tes-Nan Hsiu embodies diversity. It enriches the postmodern looks of post-war architecture in Taiwan. In just two decades between 1959 and late 1970s, the grand spectrum of "images" of her works  include her reading, conversion, fusion and digestion of architectural languages and contemporary thoughts--including functionalism, eclectic revivalism, expressionism, organism, and garden city at the least.

    Author : Ya-Chun Chiang

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  • Formation and Tracing - Rethinking our design of Yang-Ming High School Complex and Tse-Lan Hsiu’s Planning


    Author : Jia-Hui Day, Hsin-Pin Lin, Li-Yu Hsu

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  • Le-Ching Chiang | Learning Architecture

    Architectural design stands for the ability of integrating resources and seeing clearly where you are. For 15 years, I have been motivated to design and to teach, with the intention of establishing my works and my existence as a witness. I want those girls who are passionate about architectural design dare to go after their dreams when they witness me. Today, girl students are as many as boy students. This is a good sign. However, independent practice female architects are still rare. Learning architecture indicates power. I believe women should gain more spaces in architectural education, so that women’s agenda and defense for architectural space will be heard and seen. I encourage women to be themselves, to speak out their mind with courage, and not to absent in terms of architectural and spatial public issues. Your future should not be defined by your race and your gender. 

    Author : Le-Ching Chiang (姜樂靜)

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  • The ARCHITECT, is what I engaged in


    Author : Chia-Hui, Lin

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  • Public – Private, When urban development meet individual right


    Author : W.Y. Huang

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  • Gender Equality in World Heritage


    Author : Hsiu-Jui Lin

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