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Apple Daily Online Opinions | Ke-Ni Shao | On Taiwan Girls' Day: Girls Should Not be the Scapegoat of Higher Education

Date : 2018/10/11

published in Apple Daily Online Opinions: link  
author: Ke-Ni Shao, Executive Secretary of Women in Architecture Taiwan, MA of Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Taiwan University

[abridged translation]

October 11th, the International Day of the Girl Child of UN, also celebrated by government of Taiwan as "Taiwan Girl's Day." UN use that day to call forth public's attention for gender equity, girls's right of education and their personal safety. On the fifth role of Taiwan Girl's Day, what did Taiwan do for our girls?

While higher education has being recognized as the important tool of empowering both girls and boys, does the certificate of higher ed works counted as an advantage for both? Why is higher education devalued? To answer that,
Professor Nancy S. Niemi of Yale University proposed her theory in this April[1]. With abridged translation, United Daily News entitled the translated news "American Scholar: Why Can't the Public Trust High-Ed? Because There're Too Many Grils"[2]. After accessing Niemi's original essay, I found out that the report of UDN misread, mistranslated and misinterpreted Niemi's important arguments. Without a complete understanding of the context, the word-to-word translation still fail to represent its original intention to the Taiwanese readers. By pointing out the misinterpretation of UDN, I hope to correct what was wrong and remind media, on the Taiwan Girl's Day, to be more careful when translating a news in foreign languages. ........

[1]Original text of Nancy S. Niemi's essay on The Chronicle of Higher Education:
[2]UDN's report:  https://udn.com/news/story/6813/3199987