Women in Architecture Taiwan


The Role of Female Architects in Taiwan Modern Architecture

Author : Chia-Chi Chao (趙家琪)

Date : 2014-03

Author: Chao Chia-Chi, principal architect of Chao Chia-Chi Architect & Engineers
Published in World Architecture Magazine, issue no.285, March 2014
Topic of the Issue: "Modernity in Taiwan Architecture: Hope and Anxiety"

Traditionally men have dominated the architectural circles of Taiwan. It was not until after 1949 that the first female architect, Tze-Lan Shuo, became known. She was followed by other prominent women designers: Hsiung-Len Wang, Chiu-Ye Huang, and Chio-Hua Wang, among others. Inspired by their exemplary work and efforts, more and more women have chosen careers in architecture. in 2013, the number of registered women architects was 173 and accounted for 5% of Taiwanese architects. The new generation of women architects came to the particular attention of the nation with their involvement in reconstruction work after the country's 1999 9/21 Earthquake.
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  • Tze-Lan Shuo, also known as Tes-Nan Hsiu(修澤蘭)
  • Hsiung-Len Wang, also known as Hsiu-Lien Wang(王秀蓮)
  • Chiu-Ye Huang, in Chinese as 黃秋月
  • Chio-Hua Wang, also known as Chiu-Hwa Wang(王秋華)

Picture Below: Chung-Shan Building at Yangmingshan (1966), Work of Architect Tes-Nan Hsiu (修澤蘭)

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